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Sodium chondroitin sulfate 9007-28-7

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Product Name: Sodium chondroitin sulfate 9007-28-7
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Specifications 99%
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INCI Name: Sodium chondroitin sulfate
IUPAC Name: Chondroitin, hydrogen sulfate
CAS Number: 9007-28-7 / 9082-07-9

Hair Conditioning Agent
Hair conditioning agents leave the hair easy to comb, smooth, soft and shiny and/or gives volume, highlights, brilliance
Skin Conditioning Agent, emollient
Moisturizing agents
Lightening Whitening Agents
Regenerating Revitalizing Agents
Anti aging Agents

Appearance: White crystalline powder
Assay: 98.0%-102.0% (as dry)
Package: 25kg/ cardboard bucket
Expiry date: Two years
Sodium chondroitin sulfate is a white powder, odourless, tasteless, hygroscopicity, freely soluble in water and insoluble in organic solvent such as ethanol, acetone and aether and so on. Chondroitin Sulphate aqueous solution is instable under high temperature or acid,deacetylation degrade into monosaccharide or low molucule weight polysaccharide.
Sodium chondroitin sulfate is a derivative of a natural mucopolysaccharide, found in connective tissue, skin, bone and cartilage, together with proteins from the intercellular cells where collagen and elastin are embedded. It is used as a skin and hair conditioning agent because of its ability to moisturize, heal, and soothe skin with its anti-inflammatory properties, and ability to reinforce skiní»s intercellular matrix. It is also thought to be responsible for the elasticity, resilience and the strength of skin. The skiní»s mucopolysaccharide content decreases with advancing age; therefore, by replenishment, it would be reasonable to think that the skin would remain stronger and softer longer. Used in skin care products, these collagen and elastin-building properties can be applied topically to the skin and the benefits can be potentially added from the outside in.

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